Roberto discovered his passion for music through a small toy piano and a drum, learning to interpret small melodies with his ear.

Later, he entered the conservatory of his city while attending primary school, secondary school and later higher studies.

In 2011, Roberto is nominated for the Jerry Goldsmith Awards in free composition for “The Dawn of the Voyager”, being the youngest of those presented. In this event he comes into contact with renowned soundtrack composers such as Blake Neely (Mentalist) or Bear Mcreary (Walking Dead), from whom he learns a lot.

Currently Roberto continues to study music in the higher grade, creating music and finishes his university studies at FCOM, (Faculty of Communication Sciences) of the University of Seville.
José Luis discovers his passion for drawing and telling stories as a child. He has always shown an infinite curiosity about an infinity of fields.

He says the only thing he fondly remembers from the years at school is when he watched the sparrows perch on the classroom window. That and the day the teacher first told him about Leonardo Da Vinci. José Luis was amazed by his creativity and curiosity.

Later, his steps would lead him to go through Fine Arts, at the University of Seville. Finally leaving college one year to finish recording “Waves” with his brother, the brothers’ first short film.

The brothers are currently involved in various projects.


The Garcia Brothers platform first saw the light of day in 2013. It would be through a modest interview with Emilio Martín, duathlon world champion when the brothers would begin to share their concerns and display their creativity through their website.

Being born in Andalusia, where the Baroque, the Muslim or Roman legacy and a myriad of cultures have undoubtedly marked the brothers. They feel a deep bond with their land. However, this cultural legacy has given them a broader sense to express their ideas in the current context more vanguardist. The variety and authentic renewal of styles and the different techniques they use are the hallmark of these two brothers.

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Short films “Stay at home”, “20” and the documentary “The great awakening”. 2021 USA. By Roberto & José Luís García.



“Poéticamente incorrecto: Reflexiones de confinamiento”, José Luís García. (Free download on the shop section).



“No existen malos alumnos sino maestros mediocres” Art exhibition at La Revuelta gallery, downtown Seville. José Luís García.


“Supraismos: El arte más allá de los ismos”. Individual art exhibition at Casa de las Sirenas, Alameda de Hércules, Seville. José Luís García.

Public premiere of the short film “Waves” by Roberto and José Luís García at Casa de las Sirenas, Alameda, Seville.



Best short story – Triathlon “Titan Sierra de Cadiz” José Luís García, 2015


Nominated for best free creation at the Jerry Goldsmith Music Awards 2011 for the work “El amanecer del viajero”, Roberto García.

Sponsorship Campaigns


Financial support from Deliveroo for “Mediterranean challenge” Barcelona to Alicante – Málaga (Cycling trip)

Sponsorship of Taller de bicicletas, Seville, for Paris – Roubaix crossing. (Cycling trip)

Sports challenges


“As above so below” Documentary (immersion in mediterranean sea and ascent to the highest summit of the Spanish peninsula, Mulhacén, 3479 m.)


“Mediterranean challenge” Barcelona to Alicante – Málaga (Cycling trip) Financial support from Deliveroo.

Paris – Roubaix crossing. (Cycling trip) Sponsorship of Taller de bicicletas, Seville


Triathlon “Titán Sierra de Cádiz” (4k swimming – 120 km bike – 30k run) José Luís García.


“Transandalus” – cycling trip 600 km



Interview with Fernando Polanco, humorist and screenwriter.


Interview with Luis Garcia, young entrepreneur, creations for NASA and ESA.

Interview with Rosario Sarmiento, collection management, art critic and personal advisor in the acquisition of works of art.

Interview with Pascal Gaine, Winner of the Goya for best soundtrack for Handia.


Interview with Frank T, first Spanish rapper.

Interview with Andrea Sibaja, champion of spain of mixed motorcycling.


Interview with anonymous inventor of the Génesys machine.

Interview with Juaninacka, spanish rapper.


Interview with Emilio Martín, duathlon World champion.



Roberto has nominated for best free creation at the Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2011 for the work “El amanecer del viajero”. Youngest composer of the competition.

2005- now

Roberto enters the Conservatory of Seville with harpsichord as his main instrument.

He has given numerous concerts in Seville, Malaga, Granada, Barcelona, Cadiz, Ubeda, Cordoba and Madrid, performing at the Teatro Real in Madrid, the Cathedral of Malaga and the Maestranza in Seville, among others. The works he performed range from

“The Passion according to St. Matthew” and “Brandenburg Concertos” by J.S. Bach, “The Messiah” and “Water Music” by G.F. Handel, “The Four Seasons” and “Concertos for Lute” by A. Vivaldi to more contemporary works. Vivaldi to more contemporary works by John Williams through composers such as G.P. Telemann, H. Purcell, J.B. Lully, A. Corelli, D. Scarlatti, C. Monteverdi, J.P. Rameau, J. Pachelbel, F. Couperin, D. Buxtehude and many others. Reaching more than 300 concerts.

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