Garcia Brothers is a lifestyle. This platform is for dreamers, for curious people, non-conformists & haters.

This place, in the immense network, is dedicated to all the magnificent people who are proud to be different. That they think differently, that they feel differently, that they observe differently.

Garcia Brothers is not just a website where ideas are published. It is a philosophy! A crazy desire to return humanism from the Renaissance to the 21st century and return to men and women, curiosity about the cosmos, life, creation.

Here you will find drawing, sculpture, painting, music, short films, poetry… And of course! Sport.

For example, why not create your own fashion, your own clothing brand, your own production company?

We do not like that the film production companies are the ones that qualify or distribute our work, nor are the art galleries who decide which style offers the most sales possibilities. We don’t like people imposing their standards on us. This is our website! And here it is published in our most absolute freedom.

And you should do the same!

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