We know the weight of being incorrect in society, freedom has become a threat. Where mediocrity is rewarded and promoted, where too many people are afraid to shine, and the current pushes us as it pleases. And yet, we are in the most fascinating moment in history.

Garcia Brothers emerged in 2013, thats year it was our first approach to the global network. We went from showing our drawings to our friends and doing concerts for the family to anyone from anywhere on the planet could approach our work.

“Waves” (Shortfilm) team, 2019

I remember that both of us always had interests that perhaps did not correspond to the current era. I have always been fascinated by the classical era and the renaissance, my brother grew up playing baroque symphonies. However, we soon found connections in the present moment and felt the need to expand our minds.

Garcia Brothers is not a simple platform, it is a bastion of creativity, where we delve into labels, questioning the mental concepts so settled in our society, to bring something fresh, different. In every field we enter we do it with great passion and curiosity, with the desire to experiment, to discover.

People from all over the world have already joined our movement, they have shown their enthusiasm and support in networks and subscribing to our website. Now the next step is to go beyond the networks, our desire is to open connections with enthusiasts, dreamers!

That’s why we invite you to the exclusive Dreamers room to don’t miss any novelties, the launch of each new items, content and more.

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