As a child, the youngest of the brothers, Roberto, received a gift that would change his life. A small toy piano.

Playing led him to continue playing, and little by little he was feeding a curiosity. I would start playing that toy piano learning by ear movie melodies like Titanic. Until he finally started studying at his city’s conservatory.

For years he continued studying and training at the conservatory, and in 2011, at the age of 18 he would be nominated for the Jerry Goldsmith music award.

He is currently finishing his music studies, which he has combined with his studies at FCOM, (faculty of communication sciences).

Recently, last December 2019, he and his brother Jose Luis started a new path. AJIERRO, a pseudonym in which the brothers unite their creativity to create a new sound universe

Here you have some of music created by the brothers. You can also find us on YOUTUBE